Well Surveyor Features & Benefits

End to End, Field Data Capture, Data Reporting, and Field Operations Management

Captures Equipment Data including –

Wells, compressors, tanks, heater treater, scrubbers, steam generator and other types of field equipment

Captures Production Data including –

Pressures, pump off time, tank levels and other essential production data

Notes Features and Capabilities –
  • Quick or Detailed Entry of Well Servicing or Treatments
  • Track shut-in status and history for a well from the beginning of
    Well Surveyor system tracking (web version)
  • Track and Manage Well, Well Issues and Pumper Logs
Data Entry Verification –

Enables improved operational efficiency and error reduction, as well as providing real-time access to captured field data

Improved Reports –

Provides standard and consistent report format and data, reduced report production time and errors, and is geared to individual oil and gas company requirements

Offline Capable –

While all data access requires internet capability, because data is stored “in the cloud,” it allows management to view and manage leases from anywhere on the globe.  The mobile application will store limited data if an Internet connection is not available and will send when a connection is found.

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