The Well Surveyor tool is a significant step forward, enabling quick and efficient gathering and reporting of real time, daily detailed reporting for oil and gas company owners, managers, planners and lease personnel.  It provides the ability to trend data via desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.  Well Surveyor’s unique operating system allows end users to manage their operations on the run, from anywhere in the world that internet access is available.  Valuable information is literally at your fingertips.

Well Surveyor was developed in 2010 by Scott Fillmore of SF Operations, a third generation oil and gas industry professional, in collaboration with a well-established intermediate oil company.  The efforts of these two entities have produced a valuable and user-friendly tool for oilfield well/unit management.

The Well Surveyor team comprises almost 50 years of technical and electronic skills and experience in the oil industry.  They understand the information that owners, managers, planners, and operators need in order to capture accurate data, analysis and reporting.  The Team knows the importance of providing specific information which is captured at regular intervals, obtaining 24-hour production averages with accompanying analysis, capturing relevant data points, as well as providing site specific history.

Well Surveyor’s data security features ensure lease personnel are able to access only that data relevant to the leases for which they are responsible.  Data can be gathered daily, weekly or monthly at the client’s discretion.  In addition, the user can view the full well history, treatments, services and other events in order to compare to current activities.  Well Surveyor’s system is very user friendly – even a novice will quickly become proficient with its capabilities.

Well Surveyor is currenty developing additional enhancements for scheduling, task management, graphs for trending data, along with other features to benefit clients.